Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Virgin Upper Class - LAX Virgin Lounge

Services Date Used 2015

My sum up word:  Airsome

Average star rating: * 5

Full summary:

Virgin Upper Class is somewhere in-between business class and first class. The Virgin Upper Class check-in at LAX does not have its own privet check in like Heathrow. The lounge there is newly built and opened in June 2015. Before this you used the Air Newzeland lounge, which is a lounge that leaves a lot to be desired from. So luckily the LAX Virgin lounge is now open. It is very nicely decorated with modern units and seating, it has a relaxing airy feel similar to Heathrow but a lot smaller in comparison. There is a restaurant with extremely good complementary food and drink and the staff are very friendly. The lounge is very relaxing.  

At the end of the flight you are let off the plane first which can really speed up the time it takes to get through customs. If I could afford to fly this way every time I would. My holiday really did start the moment I got to the airport.

However be aware not all airport lounges are the same and in some airports Virgin may not have a lounge and so you have to use another airlines lounge. See my Heathrow Virgin Lounge experience.

Customer Experience – *5
Customer Service – *5

Average * rating – *5

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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