Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Literally by Lucy Keating

Read June 2017

I would like to start my review by saying that this book is written for YA and teens, neither of which I still am lol. As an author myself I know the time and dedication it takes to write a novella- so well done Lucy keating. I was shelf-surfing in Barnes and Noble for a chick-lit book when found, Literally. I was super excited about the concept and thought it would make a great vacation read. Lucy did a good job of showing a young American girl at school and her lingo. The book is about a girl who realises she is just a character in a book and her life is all written for her. It is easy to read and Annabelle is a likable character. I did unfortunately start to skim read through as I found it a bit slow, but this maybe because it's not my normal genre. I liked the inclusion of author Lucy Keating herself into the story, thought she did paint herself as a bit mean- I'm sure that's not the case in real life. It is also set in the town I live Venice and‍ Santa Monica. All in all, it's a cute easy read & a nice looking book for my bookshelf.

 Sum up word: Chickerally  


Star Rating * 3

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Friday, September 2, 2016

All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause

Read August 2016

This is the first book I have read from the author Chelsey Krause and after reading the synopsis I was excited to read the book. All shook up is about a quirky girl called Natalie
Who works in a thrift shop, or charity shop as they are known in England.

Natalie comes across a picture album that sends her on a journey trying to find her biological family. The story is written in the third person and has a nice pace.

I felt the story has two parts to it, one being Natalie’s such to find her mum or family and the other her friendship with Casey.

Sum up word: Cute 

Star rating: *3

Friday, April 22, 2016

Floozies and Fallout by Ravenna Young

Read April 2016

Floozies & Fallouts is the second book in its series. If you have read the first book then you will be pleased to see Cassie's horse loving, best friend, Eryn, is still around. Eryn's brother Ben, also makes a return, who Cassie is still messing around with.

One of Cassie's dreams is giving her trouble because she can not see who really killed Dillon. But when she dose finally see who did it, she is shocked. 

This book follows Cassie, a physic private investigator, into a world of pole dancing. Cassie needs to find out just what is going on behind the clubs doors. What are Rayan's intention? 

As a chick lit writer I like to read other genre's. Ravenna's writing style is uncensored and raw, this is why I like her. Her writing does not fit the norm and her charters are unfiltered. The character view point tends to head hop, but I quite like that, it's raw. The story is fast moving with lots going on and you don't get to see Cassie's inner-feelings that much, but to be honest, sometimes its just nice to read about the story line and not bother so much with the main charters deep and darkest thoughts. I like this author and even though her charter Cassie is shockingly cray cray, I find my self really liking her. She is a young girl trying to find her way in life.          

Sum up word: Raw 

Star rating: *4

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hesitation wounds by Amy Koppelman - Book Review

Read February 2016

Very well written story about a psychiatrist who works with patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. The sorry follows flash backs about the doctor. You learn about her past and how she comes to terms with what happened and her present life.

I found the moving between present day and past a bit confusing in places but on the whole it was an enjoyable read about a woman overcoming grief.

Overall I though the book had a good storyline and emotion. I was very sick when reading this book and it was nice to have a good book to read during my recovery.

Sum up word: Moving 

Star rating: *4

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Flames of Auriel by Erin R. Bedford - Book review

Read September 2015

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I am normally a chick lit reader however I found myself enjoying the world of fantasy. I never thought fantasy would be so hot and steamy and it is actually similar to the world of chick lit with the love aspects of the story.

Zoe is a strong woman and in her world she is as important and strong as any man.  Asher is also strong but in his world women are women and men are men.  

Their marriage was arranged when they were young and is paramount for the survival of the kingdoms. However the two are not compatible in love and this gives rise to a different type of battle.      

Asher wants Zoe to be a wife and want him, but he also wants to play around. Zoe on the other hand has other ideas.

Its a great into in to the world of fantasy and I’m glad I read it.

Sum up word: Flaming 

Star rating: *3

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Confession and Cocktails by Vicki Lesage - Book review

Read November 2015

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This is a lighthearted christmas story that follows Vicki Lesage through her memories and tails of her Christmas's in France and Europe. 

It is a cute twist on a memoir so if you like that genre then you will love this book. It is written in a fast pace style which I personally like as it keeps the reader interested. Her stories are funny, sad and nostalgic. As a reader you can really relate to the authors memories.  

A nice touch is the many cocktail recipes which are included throughout the book. So if you like a cocktail you will want to keep this handy for any parties you have.    

Sum up word: Niceical 

Star rating: *4

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Envys Fitness Santa Monica, Californian, USA

Visit Date 2015 on going

My sum up word:  Bootylicious

Average star rating: 5*

Full summary:

Envys Fitness is brilliant, best choice I've made with my fitness ever! I've never been fat but I didn't like the weight I carried around my hips. Now I don't have it any more, and  thats because I have the best personal trainer in LA. 

I told Lashawn from Envys Fitness that I wanted to get rid of my body fat and get super toned. Ive been seeing Lashawn for three months, I'm so happy with what we've achieved so far. When I first started I found it all so hard but Lashawn was really patient and took things at my pace, encouraging me to push on. He explained how to do all the exercises correctly and what part of the body they work. Now I am more confident in what I am doing, we push a bit harder and it's really fun.

Lashawn has also taught me how and what to eat so that I can sustain a diet of healthy eating, I understand what foods do and also what and when to eat them. We track my foods on My Fitness Pal and Lashawn helps me with questions and tips. I eat more now than i've ever done but i'm half the size. Its great, I'm never hungry. 

I also really liked the fact that I knew the university where Lashawn studied for his degree in sports science and the gyms he worked in during his early career, I was very confident I was in good hands.

Lashwan comes out to the gym in my apartment block but Envys Fitness has a private gym that client can go to, but will train you outside if you want as well. 


After three months


Jan 2016

April 2016

I am now muscle building and hoping to have my six pack soon :) Stay tuned.....

Customer Experience – *5
Customer Service – *5

Average * rating – *5

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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