Friday, July 3, 2015

Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel – Santa Barbra, California, USA

Visit Date June 2015

My sum up word:  Meditropical

Average star rating: 4.5*

Full summary: 

This Spanish Colonial Revival architecture opened in 1927. The gardens are immaculate. My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon. On arrival reception tried to upgrade us because it was our honeymoon however there were no free rooms so they paid for our valet parking ($35 per night), which we thought, was very nice of them. Our room was basic with an old authentic Spanish feel, with complementary bottle of sparkling wine and cup cakes on arrival with a congratulations card. The bath and shower was really cool because it had a normal shower head and also a separate rain shower head. Room service was awesome. We ordered a full meal and a friendly server brought our food with a table, then dressed it like a restaurant table. We called housekeeping and the server swiftly came and cleared it all away.

We had breakfast at Bella Vista, where they also served Sunday brunch. There was a brilliant selection of continental foods, fish, cooked meats and sweet deserts. The servers were very polite and attentive, however I found one of the girls on the check in desk that seated us each day slightly snotty and unapproachable.

We eat dinner at Tides restraint, which is part of the hotel. I was very impressed when they greeted us with a smile and congratulations on your honeymoon. Good communication goes a long way with good customer service. However I’m not sure what I expected but I thought the restaurant would be more elegant. It felt that the décor was a bit tacky. The only way I can explain it would be something out of dirty dancing décor. However the staff conducted themselves with a extremely high silver service friendly standard. Once the sunset and the lights went down the ambiance changed and the restaurant was much more pleasant. if you are able to get a seat out side like we did I think Tides really comes into its own. After dinner we were presented with a plate and small complementary chocolates, with congratulations written on one. Nice touch. 

In my opinion the price we paid per night is quite steep. Im basing this opinion, not on the customer service but the general décor of the hotel. I expected a bigger wow factor for my money. 

The hotel pool was such a lovely place to be, the staff where efficient, polite and tentative to all our needs. The staff brought round trays of complementary chilled fruit for everyone and ice pops for the kids.

We also eat dinner at Bella Vista the other hotels restaurant at sunset. It was a very lovely ambiance and I felt that the food here was better than at Tides, but our server at Tides was more tentative and conducted herself with a higher standard. 

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Customer Experience – 4*
Customer Service – 5*

Average * rating – 4.5*

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome - N/A

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