Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Envys Fitness Santa Monica, Californian, USA

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My sum up word:  Bootylicious

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Envys Fitness is brilliant, best choice I've made with my fitness ever! I've never been fat but I didn't like the weight I carried around my hips. Now I don't have it any more, and  thats because I have the best personal trainer in LA. 

I told Lashawn from Envys Fitness that I wanted to get rid of my body fat and get super toned. Ive been seeing Lashawn for three months, I'm so happy with what we've achieved so far. When I first started I found it all so hard but Lashawn was really patient and took things at my pace, encouraging me to push on. He explained how to do all the exercises correctly and what part of the body they work. Now I am more confident in what I am doing, we push a bit harder and it's really fun.

Lashawn has also taught me how and what to eat so that I can sustain a diet of healthy eating, I understand what foods do and also what and when to eat them. We track my foods on My Fitness Pal and Lashawn helps me with questions and tips. I eat more now than i've ever done but i'm half the size. Its great, I'm never hungry. 

I also really liked the fact that I knew the university where Lashawn studied for his degree in sports science and the gyms he worked in during his early career, I was very confident I was in good hands.

Lashwan comes out to the gym in my apartment block but Envys Fitness has a private gym that client can go to, but will train you outside if you want as well. 


After three months


Jan 2016

April 2016

I am now muscle building and hoping to have my six pack soon :) Stay tuned.....

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  1. Hey thank for sharing your fitness tips! I also have the best personal trainer in Los Angeles that helps me reach my goal.

    Thanks for inspiring us to continue my fitness goal too!

  2. That’s brilliant, well done. I’m really happy to have helped.