Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Four Seasons Biltmore Spa – Santa Barbra, Californian, USA

Visit Date June 2015

My sum up word:  Disillusion

Average star rating: 2.5*

Full summary:

While staying at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel for our honeymoon my husband and I booked into the hotel spa. When we arrived at the spa and my first immersion of the reception was not what I thought a five star hotel spa at the four seasons would be. It looked more like a hotel pool shop. I picked up some of the scented candles and they had dust on them. I felt the swim cloths and pool wear gave the spa entrance a slightly tacky feel. The changing rooms where clean and relaxing. There was tranquil music playing in the changing room, it was clean and tidy with complementary hairbrushes and toiletries. In my opinion the carpet and units, while being in keeping with Mediterranean feel, where old and could do with being updated.

Before our appointment with the therapist we had to wait in a waiting room. The views from the waiting room were truly breathtaking. There were three other people in the room and I could not relax here. I felt like I was in a posh dentist awaiting room.  

We were having a couples massage so both therapists came out to collect us at the same time. I was pleased when the therapist congratulated us on our honeymoon as this was yet another good example of the good hotel communication for special occasions. 

We were taken into the treatment room and shown a list of head messages to choose from and also a list of oils. I would have expected the therapist to have guided us and explained the options rather than showing us a list to chose from. I found my massage relaxing. I even drifted off to sleep at one point. I did however at times feel slightly agitated with the way I was being massaged. I felt that my therapist was rushed with me. I also felt that my therapist could have been more gentle with me. He put the heat pad over my back rather than gently placing it over me and when he wiped my hands clean of the oils I felt like I was getting a bed bath.

This was my husband’s first massage so I asked my husband what his therapist was like and he seamed to be happy. He said that she used rubbing and kneading techniques and was genital when placing things on his back and removing the oils from his hands.

Customer Experience – 1*
Customer Service – 4*

Average * rating – 2.5*

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

What do you think of this review, have you experienced the same or different?

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