Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dream Hotel – New York, Downtown, USA

Visit Date May 2015

My sum up word: Merrymaking
Average star rating: 4.25*

Full summary:

I stayed at the Dream Hotel NY for a five daylong weekend break. On arrival reception were ever accommodating with an early check in service. The lobby was ultra cool with a bar at one end and a wall decorated with beer cans to make up the American flag. The ceiling was the bottom of the outdoor hotel pool. 

Our room was on the ninth floor and over looked the hotel pool through a large circular window. The room was very trendy, the bathroom walls were frosted glass and the shower curtain was made from chains. The bathroom products I liked and I emptied them into my bag each day so that the maid had to re fill them for me. I only do this with creams and shampoos that I like. I’m not a product reviewer so all I base my opinion on is if it makes my hair or skin soft and if it smells good.

Room service was efficient and the food was hot and tasty.

There was a gym with easy to use machines and complementary bottled water and massive rain showers. 

The pool had a pool bar and also staff serving you from the pool side beds. There was a real party feel to the pool and the weekend I was there the hotel hosted a pool party were hotel guest has automatic admission.  

There is a club called PHD at the top of the Hotel on the roof. All hotel guests have automatic admission to the club and I found that very useful. The club was trendy and very modern and the outside seating area was well laid out with breath taking skyline views.

This hotel in my opinion is a party hotel. My room was on floor nine and the club was on floor twelve. The bass from the club vibrated my bed every night. I can only imagine what it would be like to stay on the floors above me. I was not bothered because I was in the club drinking every night so sleep for me was not going to be an issue. However I would recommend requesting a room on floor five or lower if you are not on a party city trip.

Customer Experience – 4.5*
Customer Service – 5*

Average * rating – 4.25*

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome - N/A

What do you think of this review, have you experienced the same or different? 

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