Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Virgin Upper Class - Heathrow Virgin Lounge

Services Used Date 2014

My sum up word: Aerotastic

Average star rating: *5

Full summary: 

This way to travel is somewhere in-between business class and first class. Using Virgin Upper Class from Heathrow in my experience is the best. You have your own entrancing into the airport, a Virgin staff member greeted me as my car pulled up to the private door and helped me with my bags. I the checked in and walked straight to the Virgin Lounge, (hassle free) my Holiday literately starts the moment I get to the airport.

Once in the Heathrow Virgin Lounge I found a restaurant and all food and drinks are complementary and very good, from curry to eggs benedict. The décor is modern light and airy and different places to sit, work and relax. There is a large TV with seats to recline and watch TV with headphones. There are pool tables and computer game tables, with jars of free toffees and sweets, (I’m in heaven here), another room is designed to look like a library or reading room, while another is on a mezzanine level and looks like a modern state of the art lounge. There is also an outside smoking patio at Heathrow. (Good if you’re a smoker). There is a hairdresser’s but this is not free, however I can tell you that they do a good blow dry. There is also a spa with a complementary head massage, and other paid for treatments, my massage was very relaxing. 

When my gate was announced in the lounge I walked to my gate and boarded the plane before anyone else. It is very stress free. Every Virgin flight I have taken (an older plane or an airbus) the experience and service is the same. Once on the plan and seated you are offered a glass of Champaign of orange juice. My seat was like a cocoon that takes up three normal seats so that my chair could turn into a bed. Once we took off I was given a small bowl of kettle chips with a fresh drink and my food choice from the menu was taken. My food was served on a table that was dressed with a tablecloth and silver wear. (Very posh) There is a footstool so you can eat at the table facing your travel partner if you want to eat together. I had my own TV screen and control panels with headphones. I was given a bag with earplugs, eye masks, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a pen. For night flights I was given pajamas. The air staff helped me turn my chair into a bed when I was ready to sleep, and they have always been tentative and friendly whenever I have flown. There is a bar at one end of the section if you wish to sit at the bar and have a drink and chat with a crewmember. On the airbus plane there are no window blinds, there are buttons on the windows to dim the glass, it is so cool. And the TV is touch screen.

At the end of the flight we were let off the plane first which can really speed up the time it takes to get through customs. If I could afford to fly this way every time I would. My holiday really did start the moment I got to the airport.

However be warned not all airport lounges are as good as Heathrow. See my LAX Virgin Lounge experience.

Customer Experience – *5
Customer Service – *5

Average * rating – *5

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

What do you think of this review, have you experienced the same or different?

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