Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fetch - Santa Barbra, Californian, USA

Services Used Date February 2015

My sum up word: Disappointed

Average star rating: 3*

Full summary:

I used Fetch once and found the service easy to use. I was happy enough with my sitter, she was a nice girl with a full time job doing cat sitting for extra money. I came home to a fed cat and clean litters try but she did not take my bins out so my apartment was a bit smelly.

I booked another few days sit via the website a week before my trip and received an email confirming. Three days before my trip I called fetch as my sitter had not emailed or called me to arrange key collection. Fetch told me they would contact the sitter and either Fetch would contact me or the sitter would. The next day I had not been contacted so I called Fetch again. The lady on the phone was very short with me. I then received an email from my cat sitter telling me that her son was not very well and she had been busy but was ok to feed my cat.

My sitter is a lovely caring girl and has a full time job and child to look after. I decided that I would rather find a sitter that I felt would be dedicated to looking after my cat even if their life gets busy.

Customer Experience – 3.5*
Customer Service – 2.5*

Average * rating – 3*

Complaints made – I called to cancel my booking and explained why.
Complaint Outcome – Fetch apologised and offered a different sitter. (I declined)

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