* System

How the stars are awarded 

(Theses starts are a value of my personal opinion)

Book Reviews 

5* -  Extremely enjoyable. 
The story or writing leaves a personal lasting impression

4* - Very enjoyable.
The story or writing leaves a personal lasting impression but felt it could have given more

3* -  Enjoyable. 
I enjoyed the story but not the writing 
I enjoyed the writing but not the story 
I enjoyed the story and writing but did not leave a lasting impression  

2* - Not enjoyable.
Did not enjoy the story or writing

1* - Pointless.
Pointless story or badly written


Customer Reviews 

All reviews are given a Customer Experience rating and a Customer Service rating and then both ratings are dived to gain an average rating.

Customer Experience & Customer Service

5* - Extremely enjoyable customer service / experience

4* - Very enjoyable customer service / experience could have been better

3* - Enjoyable customer service / experience or average service

2* - Not enjoyable customer service / experience 

1* - Pointless customer service / experience 


Customer Experience – 4*
Customer Service – 5*

Average * rating – 4.75*

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