Friday, July 3, 2015

Bulgari Spa – Knightsbridge, London, England

Visit Date June 2015

My sum up word: Spatardis

Average star rating: 4.5*

Full summary:

The Bulgari Spa is located five floors beneath the Bulgari Knightsbridge hotel. Myself and seven other girls were all greeted with welcoming smiles and shown around. My only critique at this stage was that no one showed me around the gym. However once I figured out how the running machine worked I enjoyed my work out. I was also pleased to find a kick bag and boxing wraps and gloves for me to use along with complementary bottled waster. As I was not shown around the gym I do not know what other machines did so can not tell you about them.

The changing and steam rooms were very well kept with tranquil music playing, good sized lockers. The showers were rain showers and it was truly lovely taking a shower there, it was like showering in the rain.

The pool was an Olympic size swimming pool but the lighting and four poster beds around the edges made you feel like you were relaxing by a normal spa pool, giving me the option to have a proper swim or just a dip. At the far end was a unique Jacuzzi pool, my girls and I spent a lot of time in this pool. Beneath the water of the Jacuzzi were round bars for you to sit on and they vibrated to create different wave sensations, it was so cool. 

By the pool beds were call buttons for drink and food service. The servers/waiters came quickly when the button was pressed, however I think being five floors under the hotel put a delay on the food and drinks arrival time.

Up stairs was a sauna with ice outside ready for you to rub over your body after your sauna. Oh and another awesome rain shower, this room was ultra cool, or should I say hot!  There was also a relaxing quiet room with ten or more beds with dividing curtains, and complementary coconut milk, water and nuts.

I had a personalised massage and facial treatment. My therapist came to find me in the spa and brought me up to the treatment room. The room was darkened and very tranquil. The lady asked me what type of massage I wanted and then asked me how I wanted to feel at the end of the massage, relaxed, sleepy, revitalised or energised. Obviously I said energised, as I was going clubbing that night. She gave me the choice of two different smells of oils to use. She told me that my body would like the smell of the oil that my body needs most. I liked this part of the consultation as it made sense to me and it involved me in my treatment choices. My therapist was very quiet and respectful of my experience. She whispered when she needed to speak to me and was incredibly gentle when placing the heat pad over my back and wiping my hands of oil at the end of the treatment. My therapist started to tell me about a face toner cream that I would have bought if it were a lower price. However when she escorted me down stairs she showed me the product that lasted twenty days and cost £500. I was flattered that she thought I could afford this product but didn’t like the hard sale directly after a relaxing massage.

I also had a blow dry at the spa hairdressers. The hairdresser was a friendly Italian man who washed and dried my hair just how I asked.  

My other seven girls all had enjoyable treatments. However one let down was when one of the girls in my party paid for a manicure. She sat down next to my cousin who was having a French manicure and asked for the same. She was then told that she could not have a French manicure because the therapist she had could not do them. This was very disappointing because as a paying customer in a five star spa the therapist should all be train to the same standard.

I would defiantly return to this spa if I can ever afford to again because the over all experience and fertilities were very good.

Customer Experience – 5*
Customer Service – 4*

Average * rating – 4.5*

Complaints made – An email was sent to Bulgari Spa about the therapist who could not give my sister in-law a French manicure.

Complaint Outcome – Bulgari Spa explained that not all of their therapists are able to preform French manicures, but they are happy for my sister in law to book in for a free French manicure.

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