Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chilston Park Hotel – Lenham, Kent, England

Visit Date June 2015

My sum up word:  Checkmate

Average star rating: 4.25*

Full summary:

Chilston Park is a 17th century manor house set on 22 acres of parkland. In the early 12th century the manor of Chilston is recorded as being the property of William Fitz-HamonHowever Since 1983, the house and most of the parkland have been used as a country-house hotel.

I booked two nights at the Chliston Park in one of their beautiful suits for my wedding. On the first night I stayed in the Queen Anne suit with my cousin and on the second I stayed in the Tudor Suit with my husband.

The Queen Anne suit was authentic and grand with a four-poster bed. It was everything I expected from a 17th century manor house. The views from this suit were breath taking with lots of bunny rabbits playing outside like something out of a children’s book. I wouldn’t have been shocked if I saw Toad from Wind And The Willows rowing down the lake. This room is perfect for a bride to get ready in.

The Tudor suit was a glorious authentic tutor room set in the eaves of the manor house. It was larger than The Queen Anne, with a separate lounge to relax in before retiring to your bedroom. The bathroom had a role top bath and I loved every moment of my bubble bath. This room is a perfect wedding night room.

The hotel was elegant throughout, with a grand staircase situated in the original part of the house. The grounds are everything you would expect from a manor and I thought the large chess set outside was a lovely touch and great fun to play with. 

There are private dinning rooms to hire, a swimming poo and spa. (I did not use any of these)

The staff were friendly however the level of service I feel should have been higher. Unfortunately I learned the hotel was under staffed that weekend. I called for room service on the first night and was unable to get though to anyone on my first attempt. The pasteurised mike in the cupboard had turned and again it took me three try’s to contact the front desk. However they brought me fresh milk very quickly. I had ordered champagne and strawberries for the following morning to be brought to the room. This was over looked and I had to call down to reception, which again took more than one try. 

Customer Experience 4.5*
Customer Service 4*

Average * rating – 4.25*

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome - N/A

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