Saturday, July 4, 2015

Love At First Sit - Santa Barbra, Californian, USA

Services used Date 2015

My sum up word: Fabulousness 

Average star rating: 5*

Full summary:

I am so glad I found Love at First Sit. I moved to Santa Monica in January from London with my cat poppy and no family here to look after her. Carmen from Love At First Sit came over to meet me and Poppy and took notes down about the food she eat and where things were kept like cat litter, trash bins and my cat carry cases. She also took emergency contact numbers and my vet details. Carmen even asked if I wanted her to water any pot plans on her visits.

The website is very easy to use for booking appointments and making payment.

I have used Love At First Sit twice and was very pleased. I have now given them a door key because I will not be using another sitter. On each visit I was sent a picture every day with a little bio on how Poppy was doing which really put my mind at rest. I came home to a clean litter try, empty bins and a happy cat.

My cat Poppy is very nervous so I’m fussy about who looks after her. But she really seamed happy when I came home and not distressed in the slightest.

Customer Experience – 5*
Customer Service – 5*

Average * rating – 5 *

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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