Thursday, July 30, 2015

Never too late By Robyn Carr - Book Review

Listened July 2015

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This is a story about Clare finding life after divorce. There are no major twists or page turners, just a very nicely written sorry about life. I was pleasantly surprised by the hot and steamy romantic acts.

Although Clare is the main character you also meet Maggie, and Sarah, Clare's sisters. Toward the end of the book the story is about all of the sisters lives not just Clare's, which I like in a book. The children in the book are endearing and funny.   

As a writer I like the way the author described the love scenes, descriptive but not sleazy and you could really relate to how the characters lust for each other. Fifty shades move over. And all the men were hot and streamy. 

The narrator Therese Plummer has a pleasant reading voice and I enjoyed the way she read the story. 

My sum up word: Pleasurable 

Star rating: *4

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