Saturday, July 18, 2015

BOA Steakhouse - Santa Monica, California, USA

Visit Date July 2015 

My sum up word: Buzzing 

Average star rating: *3.5

Full summary:

BOA Steakhouse, Santa Monica is part of the Innovative Dining Group (IDG). The first BOA Steakhouse Santa Monica was opened in 2004. Other IDG restaurants include, Sushi Roku, Katana, and Robata Bar

I choose my restaurants firstly on the occasion, then by looking at the photos to see how flash or casual it is and then the reviews. I set out to find a nice restaurant to take my brother out who is over from England visiting. I chose BOA Steakhouse because it looked like the type of place where I could get dressed up on a little black dress and heals. After looking at the pictures I was happy to move on and look at reviews, which all seamed good. I am not a food critic and the food cuisine is in the name BOA Steakhouse so I booked a table for three for 7.30pm.

On arrival the restaurant was super busy and the staff welcomed us with pleasant smiles. We had a small wait at the bar and then we were seated. I liked that all the staff were dressed smartly in suits or waistcoats. Our server was very pleasant and friendly, she knew all the type of steaks and advised me which one had the most fat on. Yes that right, I said most fat.

For starters I chose the Pan Seared Foie Gras, and for my main, the 21 Day Dry Aged Bone-in Rib Eye and baked potato’s with sour cream & chives. The Pan Seared Foie Gras was very tender and I enjoyed it very much. My husband had Pan Seared Scallops and gave one to me, and it was very tender, slightly seared and very tasty. My steak was cooked medium rear as I requested. I love stake fat so for those who are like me, this part of the steak was perfectly fatty. My husband and brother ate the Porterhouse steak and said it was really good. My Baked potato was ok, nothing special, just a baked potato with cream cheese and chive on the top. My brother had the Lobster mash potato, which we all agreed was superb, and I LOVE mash photo. My husband had truffleed chesses fries, which came out cold to start with but our server swiftly took them away for fresh ones. Again, they were nothing-special just fries with cream cheese on top, but I enjoyed them a lot. We were all quite full after so many carbs so did not have a desert. I did however enjoy two cosmopolitan cocktails and my husband enjoyed two perfect storms.  

Over all customer service was friendly and really made my experience pleasant from start to finish. The restaurant was extremely busy, which probably impact on cold food being served. My critic would be that the décor could do with a touch up, and the restrooms were not kept as clean as I would expect from a $$$ yelp rated restaurant.

Customer Experience – *3
Customer Service – *4

Average * rating – *3.5

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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