Monday, July 13, 2015

Big Girl by Danielle Steel - Book Review

Listened July 2015

I loved the way the story was written and the fluidity of the story line. It is a story that follows a family and young girl from baby to woman and her struggles to fit into her families privileged LA life style. It follows Victoria throughout happy and hard times. The relationship with her mother and narcissist father moved me and angered me. But the relationship she shared with the younger sister is admirable to say the least. (Your will need to read the book to find out why I say that.) You really find yourself rooting for Victoria during the story as she is a lovely character that deserves a better life than the one she got.  

As a writer myself I enjoyed the way that the author moves her narration of the story line over so many years. This book was easy and enjoyable to read. It touches on todays issues of appearance and the struggles of wight that many girls in LA, and around the world, are facing today.

The narrator Kathleen Mclnerney has a lovely reading voice and narrates the story and characters parts very well. 

My sum up word: Sugarlicious 
Star rating *5 

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