Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Flames of Auriel by Erin R. Bedford - Book review

Read September 2015

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I am normally a chick lit reader however I found myself enjoying the world of fantasy. I never thought fantasy would be so hot and steamy and it is actually similar to the world of chick lit with the love aspects of the story.

Zoe is a strong woman and in her world she is as important and strong as any man.  Asher is also strong but in his world women are women and men are men.  

Their marriage was arranged when they were young and is paramount for the survival of the kingdoms. However the two are not compatible in love and this gives rise to a different type of battle.      

Asher wants Zoe to be a wife and want him, but he also wants to play around. Zoe on the other hand has other ideas.

Its a great into in to the world of fantasy and I’m glad I read it.

Sum up word: Flaming 

Star rating: *3

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Confession and Cocktails by Vicki Lesage - Book review

Read November 2015

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This is a lighthearted christmas story that follows Vicki Lesage through her memories and tails of her Christmas's in France and Europe. 

It is a cute twist on a memoir so if you like that genre then you will love this book. It is written in a fast pace style which I personally like as it keeps the reader interested. Her stories are funny, sad and nostalgic. As a reader you can really relate to the authors memories.  

A nice touch is the many cocktail recipes which are included throughout the book. So if you like a cocktail you will want to keep this handy for any parties you have.    

Sum up word: Niceical 

Star rating: *4

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Envys Fitness Santa Monica, Californian, USA

Visit Date 2015 on going

My sum up word:  Bootylicious

Average star rating: 5*

Full summary:

Envys Fitness is brilliant, best choice I've made with my fitness ever! I've never been fat but I didn't like the weight I carried around my hips. Now I don't have it any more, and  thats because I have the best personal trainer in LA. 

I told Lashawn from Envys Fitness that I wanted to get rid of my body fat and get super toned. Ive been seeing Lashawn for three months, I'm so happy with what we've achieved so far. When I first started I found it all so hard but Lashawn was really patient and took things at my pace, encouraging me to push on. He explained how to do all the exercises correctly and what part of the body they work. Now I am more confident in what I am doing, we push a bit harder and it's really fun.

Lashawn has also taught me how and what to eat so that I can sustain a diet of healthy eating, I understand what foods do and also what and when to eat them. We track my foods on My Fitness Pal and Lashawn helps me with questions and tips. I eat more now than i've ever done but i'm half the size. Its great, I'm never hungry. 

I also really liked the fact that I knew the university where Lashawn studied for his degree in sports science and the gyms he worked in during his early career, I was very confident I was in good hands.

Lashwan comes out to the gym in my apartment block but Envys Fitness has a private gym that client can go to, but will train you outside if you want as well. 


After three months


Jan 2016

April 2016

I am now muscle building and hoping to have my six pack soon :) Stay tuned.....

Customer Experience – *5
Customer Service – *5

Average * rating – *5

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Seaside Affair by Fern Britton - Book Review

Read September 2015

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I liked this book. It didn't wow me but it also didn't bore me either. I liked Jess as a main character and her interaction with the others through out. The story line had no major twists or terns but still giving you the desire to keep reading. The writing I thought was really good and this for me is more important than the story line its self. I liked the the authors narrative and dialogue style which made my reading experience very pleasant.

My sum up word: Fun   

Star rating *3

Third Eye P.I by Ravenna Young - Book Review

Read October 2015

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I started to read 'Third Eye P.I' and the first page jumps into the mystery, then into Cassies life as a new private detective. I liked reading Cassie, she is a young sole who says what ever is on her mind, unfiltered. 'Third Eye P.I is filled with erotica, Mystery and physic powers which was a nice touch to the book. 'Third Eye P.I' follows Cassies through a though time in her life with the real life drama of men to chose from and confuse things. 

I enjoyed reading Ravenna Young's writing as it was easy to follow and well written. She has a lovely descriptive way to her writing and the Sex scenes are spot on. I liked the way she described Cassie's lady part, it has real shock factor that made me smile. Cassie is real and believable and marches to the beat of her own drum. And I look forward to reading the next book to find out what happens in Hawaii with Ben.

My sum up word: Punchy

Star rating *5

Monday, October 12, 2015

Evanthia's Gift by Effie Kammenou - Book Review

Read September 2015

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This is a book that is set in the mid 1950's and follows the lives of Ana and Sophia her daughter, through to the late 1990's. 

If you like a good love story then this is the book for you. Ana has a troubled start to love and you follow her through her pain and happiness. Then her daughter Sophia has her own trials and tribulation with love, but in a different way. 

I liked this story because it was a simple love story, or should I say, love stories, with normal and true to life drams. You also get an insight into the Greek way of life which was interesting for a non Greek person to read. 

Sum up word: Romantical 

Star rating: *3

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Forever 21 Santa Monica 3rd Street, U.S.A

Visit Date August 2015

My sum up word:  Welldealt

Average star rating: 5*

Full summary:

I bought a top from the Forever 21 store on 3rd Street but did not have time to try it on. I asked the girl serving me if I could return the top if it did not fit. The girl said yes as long as it was not a sale item.

The top did not fit and so I took it back, however I was told that I could only have store credit. I was not happy and so spoke to a manger. I explained that I had checked if I could bring the top back and that the girl had not explained the store policy of store credit on returns. The manager agreed to ask head office to refund me the money.  

The reason I am giving Forever 21 five starts after causing me inconvenience is very simple, and not always practiced by managers. He apologised sincerely!!! 

After he resolved the situation I thanked him and he said he was very sorry that I had had this experience and that he would address it with the staff. His body language and facial expression felt sincere, and even though I was inconvenienced I appreciated this true apology and left the store feeling satisfied.            

Customer Experience – 3*
Customer Service – 7*

Average * rating – 5*

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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Hinoki & the Bird Los Angeles, California, USA

Visit Date August 2015

My sum up word:  Busybeak 

Average star rating: 5*


Full summary:

I went to this restaurant on a recommendation from the guys at the Virgin Upper Class lounge in LAX, and I am glad I did. 

My husband decided last minute to go out for dinner and booked a table on line. We pulled up out side the entrance which is really classy, and I wondered if we were going to be under dressed. However inside there were people dressed up and casual. I liked the Staff uniforms and our server was super helpful and friendly. He helped us choose some dishes because we did not know what to order, and his recommendations hit the spot. I had never eaten skate wing before and our server even showed me how best to take it off the bones, which I appreciated. My glass was never left empty and he chatted with us at our leisure. The restaurant vibe was buzzy but not messy or understaffed.

Big thumbs up. I would go back. 

Customer Experience – 5*

Customer Service – 5*

 Average * rating – 5*

Complaints made – None
Complaint Outcome – N/A

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