Rooted Vine Tours 

Santa Barbra, California, USA

   Visit Date June 2015

   My um up word:  Harmonious
   Average star rating: 5*

   Full summary: Read my wine about wine 

Los Angeles Horseback Riding 

Topanga, California, USA 

   Visit Date July 2015

   My sum up word: Horsespitable      
   Average star rating: *5

   Full summary: From the horses mouth

Wynn Hotel Casino  

Las Vagas, USA

Visit Date August 2015

My sum up word: Classic       
Average star rating: *5

Full summary: I bet your have a great read here

Elmer's Bottle Ranch    

Nation Trails Hwy, Oro Grande, USA 

Visit Date August 2015

My sum up word: Bottlesup       
Average star rating: *5

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