Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Flames of Auriel by Erin R. Bedford - Book review

Read September 2015

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I am normally a chick lit reader however I found myself enjoying the world of fantasy. I never thought fantasy would be so hot and steamy and it is actually similar to the world of chick lit with the love aspects of the story.

Zoe is a strong woman and in her world she is as important and strong as any man.  Asher is also strong but in his world women are women and men are men.  

Their marriage was arranged when they were young and is paramount for the survival of the kingdoms. However the two are not compatible in love and this gives rise to a different type of battle.      

Asher wants Zoe to be a wife and want him, but he also wants to play around. Zoe on the other hand has other ideas.

Its a great into in to the world of fantasy and I’m glad I read it.

Sum up word: Flaming 

Star rating: *3

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